Lead-Safe Certification

For those doing remodeling projects, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, master bathroom renovation or replacing your windows, awareness of existing home materials is a must, particularly if the home dates from the 1970s or earlier.

That’s because a variety of materials used then may not be suitable for today. Take paint. Lead was banned from use in new house paints in 1978, mainly to protect children from the ill affects of lead poisoning.Lead-Safe Certification

During a remodel there is plenty of dust and debris in the air, which can include residual lead from paint. That lead can be breathed in by the remodelers, or by those living in the home, including children.

As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency certifies remodelers who use lead-safe practices when remodeling, renovating or adding on to a kitchen, master bedroom or any other part of a house.

The certification comes after eight hours of training, including two in the field. AMEK is proud to announce it has received the certification.