Andrew Schmidt

Andrew Schmidt, CEO

Andrew co-founded AMEK with his brother Matt in 1996. Along with being an Owner of AMEK, he oversees the business and manages the finances, marketing, writing scopes of works as well as creates and implements AMEK’s systems of operations. So in a nutshell, his “area of expertise” is to know a little bit about everything.


Phone: 952-888-1200

Andrew and Matt are twins. Matt is right handed and Andrew is left-handed. Matt has blue eyes and Andrew has brown. Andrew and Matt came up with the company name AMEK when they were still just dating their wives. A-Andrew, M- Matthew, E- Emily, and K- Kristina. The joke was that if they didn’t get married to them, they would be limiting their field of potential wives to names starting with an E or K!

One of Andrew’s most humorous childhood memories is that his dad, Mark, used to own a body shop when they were growing up. He would drive his tow truck home from work and park it in front of the house. One day, Andrew and his three brothers thought it would be fun to lift each other in the air by their belt loops with the wench on the back of the truck. It was finally Andrew’s turn, so he hooked on and his brothers hoisted him up. To everyone’s surprise, right as he was dangling off of the ground, Mark came walking outside, and from his expression was not amused by their antics. The boys naturally went running, leaving Andrew hung out to dry. Needless to say, he was right where his dad wanted him, unable to get away.

Andrew resides in Chaska with his wife Emily and their five boys, James, Lane, Lucas, Zachary, and Joshua.

Andrew Schmidt Family