Matt Schmidt

Matt Schmidt, VP

Matt co-founded AMEK with his brother Andrew in 1996. Along with being an Owner of AMEK, he specializes in Construction Management and Sales as well as New Home Construction and Remodeling.


Phone: 952-888-1200

When asked to describe a humorous memory from his childhood, Matt recollected an incident that included his twin brother Andrew. On their way to school one day, Matt and Andrew had to push-start their shared Dodge Omni in reverse down a hill because the battery had died. While doing this, they managed to knock reverse out of the transmission! The problem with this is that most of the parking spots at school required parallel parking, so being the ‘constructive’ thinkers they are, they stuck the nose of the Omni where it needed to go and got out and ‘bounced’ the rear of the car into place – nice!

Matt resides in Burnsville with his wife Kristina and their four children, Kendrah, Anna, Micah, and Isaiah. One thing you may not know about Matt is that he has a passion for worship music and plays acoustic guitar with his church’s worship band.

Matt Schmidt Family