The Future

The Schmidt family lives by the knowledge that “what we have done yesterday has driven us to today and how we handle our clients today will determine the brightness of our tomorrow.

Each project has them continuing to expand their base of construction expertise, allowing them to serve all of their clients better.Wilds - Modern Farm House

Each project also provides a stronger understanding of the home they are working on, including all the factors that make it as unique as the needs of its owner, their client.

As they have since starting their business, the Schmidts will stay in close touch with the industry, monitoring new materials and best methods, researching which ones best serve each home under each unique circumstance.

Helping people live their dreams and care for their homes — is what is truly driving AMEK into the future, driving the company to nurture client relationships through honesty, integrity, trust and friendship.

The Schmidts know that is how they will succeed.