The New Mission Years

As the housing market dramatically changed, so did the U.S. economy. Fortunately, unlike the economy, AMEK’s change was by choice.

The decision to go away from a high-volume business model lead to a pace that allowed for fewer, larger high-quality projects. This offered the opportunity for greater attention to detail and building long-lasting relationships with customers, right where the Schmidts wanted to be.The Schmidts

Downsizing the company, they relocated into more personable offices which provided a better environment to work closer with clients. The switch also prompted a realization that AMEK had become much more than a construction company and the name was changed from AMEK Construction to AMEK Custom Builders to better convey their passion of “bringing your dream home”!

The return to their core ‘face-to-face business’ also fit them like an old shoe, and quickly their nurturing client relationships flurished and led to more referrals, at a time when many other contractors were failing due to the economic downturn.

Attention to detail is why AMEK continues to expand its client base and continues to identify how they can care for their client’s home, among their most personal assets. In response to their clients repeated requests, HOME911 was created in 2011 to provide emergency home services. So when the unexpected happens to your home (fire, water, storms)… you take care of your family, HOME911 takes care of your home!

The most rewarding aspect of a job for AMEK isn’t just doing the final walkthrough with a happy family, or watching a design move from conception to reality, it is the trust that is built with their clients. Relationship based trust, where a handshake means more to the Schmidt family than the signature on the dotted line. There is a tremendous sense of responsibility when a family hands AMEK the keys to their home and then leaves town for a week long vacation. “The fact that they trusted us with everything in their home — much of their life, in fact — told us we were where we wanted to be,” Andrew said.

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