Home Remodel In Medina

Medina Home

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This Medina home remodel was sought by a couple that had moved to Medina from California and, after purchasing the home, looked to nearly complete remodel and reshape the space.

The job was referred to AMEK by the architect Rick Lundin, who had been hired by the family to design the reshaped house. The architect had an exacting design that called for remodeling nearly the entire home including the kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and master bath.

The project took several months and AMEK worked to satisfy the detailed eye of both the architect and the couple.

The plans called for reshaping the first floor by removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room and the upstairs master bedroom by reshaping the entrance into the master bedroom and the master bath.

This Medina remodel included a master bedroom and bath, opening up the floor plan,
detailed trim around house and the completely remodeled kitchen you see here.

Detailed craftsmanship was required and planning was paramount in order to ensure accuracy given the unique, expensive materials being used. Matt Schmidt headed up AMEK Custom Builder’s team and especially appreciates this project. “At the time this was our largest, most-detailed project to date,” Matt said. “This pounded home to me that details matter above all else and helped refine my appreciation for design.”

“At the time this was one of our largest, most-detailed projects,” Matt said. “This pounded home to me that details matter above all else and helped refine my appreciation for design.”

That detailed work for the master bath remodel included:

  • Porcelain tile wraparound shower walls
  • A Wild West green marble slab wall for the Roman-style shower stall
  • Stone pebbles for the shower floor
  • Custom maple cabinets with cut-out handles

The work for the master bedroom remodel included:

  • Custom built soffiting
  • Inlaid carpeting underneath the master bedroom bed
  • Suede paint on the bed wall

Among the intricate work required in the kitchen remodel:

  • Multifaceted, two-tiered kitchen island
  • Custom cabinets from rift-sawn red oak blended with knotty pine
  • Ginco thatch cabinet doors from 3-Form
  • Combination of granite, natural stone, and quartz that blended colors and textures
  • Porcelain tile floor and glass-tile backsplash
  • A custom-cut, curving ceiling fixture

Among the general details:

  • Inset cabinet doors
  • Rift-sawn oak trim

As with all of their work, AMEK’s relationship with the project and the clients didn’t end after final walkthrough.

When the homeowners discovered some details they sought help with nearly two years after close of the project AMEK and Matt promptly returned and made the requested adjustments with no questions and no charge.